A quick, fun app I wanted to do because I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the Android camera APIs, do some real-time image processing, and because iOS users shouldn’t have all the fun. The application lets you create images that are mirrored  on a chosen axis. Users can then share the images through various apps using the Android share intent system which is backported using ActionBarSherlock.  You can also select existing images from your gallery to apply the mirror filters too.

The main challenge was finding a combination of camera preview size and image processing techniques that would provide a suitable framerate for the camera preview as well as keep memory usage down.  Oddly enough doing things in portrait mode with the Android camera is still fairly unruly so I ended up flipping and processing the raw camera preview images myself .  I haven’t been able to get this working on any Android version under 3.0 but it is something that I am still investigating as Android 3.0+ usage is still very low.





Posted on October 30th, 2012 | filed under android, java, mobile, photography |

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